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Introduction To Lenses – The Index

Hello and welcome to the first lesson of The Lost Contacts' Introduction To Optical Dispensing course! Before tackling this course, please keep in mind that it is meant to build on the knowledge laid out in The Lost Contacts' The Optics of Vision course. Please make sure you are familiar with the topics in that … Continue reading Introduction To Lenses – The Index

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Opticianry Schools Part I

In the previous post, we covered what opticianry is and what opticians do. Today, we are going to learn about education and training options available for those of you interested in entering the field. I decided to write this post in two parts to keep things easy to navigate through. Now, let's get started with … Continue reading Opticianry Schools Part I

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What is Opticianry?

Opticianry is an exciting field of study, as it touches on a variety of topics, from hard and soft sciences to design and art. However, if we define the word "Opticianry" in itself, it is the practical study of light and its properties (i.e. optics), as applied to correct problems associated with the human visual … Continue reading What is Opticianry?