A Guide to OHIP Eye Exam Coverage

A Guide to OHIP Eye Exam Coverage

OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) is the provincial health care plan funded by the Government of Ontario which covers many health expenses including eye exams. OHIP eye exam coverage is not universal, nor is it particularly straightforward. This article will be your guide to OHIP eye exam coverage. Who Should Know About OHIP Eye Exam … Continue reading A Guide to OHIP Eye Exam Coverage

What is Optometry - Featured Image

What is Optometry?

Optometry Definition In a neat little sentence, you could say that: Optometry is a regulated health care profession whose practitioners are responsible for examining the eyes in order to diagnose, treat, and/or prevent disorders of the visual system. OK, boooring… right? Wrong! Sure, optometrists do all the typical things that you think they do. They … Continue reading What is Optometry?

What is Opticianry - Featured Image

What is Opticianry?

Opticianry is an exciting field of study, as it touches on a variety of topics, from hard and soft sciences to design and art. However, if we define the word "Opticianry" in itself, it is the practical study of light and its properties (i.e. optics), as applied to correct problems associated with the human visual … Continue reading What is Opticianry?