The Lost Contacts was started by optometrist Jason Woo and optician Parisa Zare to serve as a helpful resource for anybody interested in joining their respective and collective industries.

The Lost Contacts offers courses on various aspects of eye care, helpful resources and reference material for students, clinical tips and pearls, practice-building ideas, etc.

All the content found on The Lost Contacts is publicly available educational material and 100% free to access.

Optometrist Jason Woo and Optician Parisa Zare - Featured

Jason Woo, Optometrist

Throughout my career as an optometrist, I have had the pleasure of meeting many different people.

After years of working with summer students interested in pursuing optometry as their career, students enrolled in optometry school gaining real-world experience, new graduates learning the ways, or student opticians doing practicums, I realized that I truly enjoy teaching and mentoring others.

My hope is for this website to serve as a useful resource for anyone interested in or actively pursuing a career in optometry or opticianry.

Parisa Zare, Optician

Being an optician out in the real world has taught me that my ultimate goal as a healthcare professional is my client’s happiness.

By happiness, I don’t mean people smiling ear to ear and pulling off a Singing in the Rain routine while leaving the office (although that would be very uplifting!). I mean the gratifying sense of satisfaction that one has, knowing they have been educated and taken good care of.

The Lost Contacts is a place where I share what I learn in my journey as an optician, in hopes of helping someone out there in their journey!

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