Is Your Optician Coronavirus Ready?

Since the Coronavirus lockdown started in Ontario, opticians and other healthcare professionals are required to avoid non-essential services. The Ministry of Health issued this directive to protect the public and healthcare providers. So for as long as the lockdown continues, we should expect this to be the new norm. The good news is all regulatory … Continue reading Is Your Optician Coronavirus Ready?

Opticianry Schools II- NAIT

Opticianry Schools Part II

Welcome to part II of Opticianry Schools! In Part I, we reviewed opticianry schools in Ontario offering the program in traditional-classroom-style delivery. We also did a comparison of the two schools and briefly went over what to expect from your studies. Here we are going to learn about a third option to become a licensed … Continue reading Opticianry Schools Part II

Choosing Your Field of Study

Choosing Your Field of Study

Choosing your field of study, or more specifically, choosing what to take on as your career, can be one of the hardest decisions anyone has to make in life. No matter what stage of life you are in, it is worth taking some time to get to know yourself better. This is called self-awareness, and … Continue reading Choosing Your Field of Study

What is Opticianry - Featured Image

What is Opticianry?

Opticianry is an exciting field of study, as it touches on a variety of topics, from hard and soft sciences to design and art. However, if we define the word "Opticianry" in itself, it is the practical study of light and its properties (i.e. optics), as applied to correct problems associated with the human visual … Continue reading What is Opticianry?